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The smarter way of insuring employee groups for business and leisure travel.

VoyagerProtect is designed to solve the problems an employer faces when searching for a Travel Insurance policy for their business and/or as an Employee Benefit for their staff (and dependents if requested).

VoyagerProtect Travel Insurance is a unique worldwide 90 day per trip (120 or 180 day maximum per trip durations are also available) Annual Multi Trip travel insurance product for employees on business and leisure trips from Voyager Insurance.

Cover may be extended by the Employer to include family members and is available on a Worldwide basis, including travel to the USA, with multiple add-on Options available including Terrorism Disruption Protection, Winter Sports and Hazardous Sports.

Key Product Features:

  • Easy to administer Employer Paid Group Annual Multi Trip plan with no application form required
  • Available to Companies located in the UK (EEA Companies upon referral)
  • Choice of 3 levels available of Annual Multi Trip Cover for an unlimited number of trips within the policy period (up to the maximum duration per trip)
  • Any Individual Trip maximum duration: from 90 days per trip up to 180 days with Level 3 - Enhanced level of cover
  • Policies cover Business and/or Leisure travel
  • Access to the 'One Touch' Emergency Assistance App for smartphones which can give instant contact with the 24/7/365 Operations Room, including:
    • Free travel advice
    • 24/7 access to Global Emergency Response
    • Panic Alert Button which notifies the Operations Room of your exact location and personal information (subject to 3G/4G/GPS enabled phone and coverage)
    • Free to download
    • App has no annual renewal cost
  • Personal Accident & Personal Accident Extensions Cover including cover for:
    • Death or Disablement
    • Funeral Expenses
    • Urgent Expenses Following Death
    • Catastrophic Personnel Replacement Expenses
    • & more!
  • Cover for Search and Rescue Expenses if Insured becomes lost outside of Domicile Country
  • Cover for Consultants Costs if an Insured is Kidnapped and/or held for Ransom or Hostage
  • Political and Natural Disaster Evacuation and Repatriation in the event of:
    • A declared state of emergency necessitating immediate evacuation
    • Withdrawal of all Scheduled international commercial flights for a period in excess of 24 hours as a result of Political or Military action intervention, directly impacting personal safety and ability to leave the country
    • Natural Disaster in host country which is Life-threatening
    • Political or Military events which are Life-threatening
  • 100+ Sporting Activities Covered as standard, with ability to extend policy to cover additional Winter Sports activities as required (excludes persons aged 75 years or over)
  • Option to add Hazardous Activities & Sports, including activities such as Hang Gliding, Kayaking (grades 4 and over), Parachuting, Shark Cage Diving and more!
  • Option to add Terrorism Disruption Protection, which includes:
    • Pre-Trip Cancellation Due To Security Reasons
    • Trip Interruption Due To An Act of Terrorism

*The Employer may extend cover to include family members upon payment of the appropriate additional Premium. Terms, Conditions and Exclusions apply. **Excludes persons aged 75 years and over. ***Personal Accident Extensions NOT included on Level 1 - Essentials ****Cover included for Level 3 of cover ONLY.

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