Voyager Plus Renewal – What is changing

June 22, 2022

Voyager Plus is renewing on July 1st and there are a series of changes to be aware of. The renewal gives us the opportunity to make changes to the product for the upcoming year. These changes have come as a result of our broker survey which helped to pinpoint the areas where Voyager Plus had become less relevant for our brokers. Below we detail the main changes that are being made to our Voyager Plus product at renewal:

A new level of cover – Enhanced

An area that the broker survey highlighted was the need to take into account the current pressure on the cost of living and to try to help people feel that they do not have to choose between taking out a good Travel Insurance policy or enjoying their holiday. To do this, Voyager Insurance are introducing a new level of cover that will sit in between Standard and Prime for those customers who need more cover than Standard policies provide but equally, do not require the policy limits that Prime provides. The new level of cover available on Voyager Plus is called ‘Enhanced’ and we hope that by implementing this new level of cover, customers will be better catered for, and they will be able to buy a policy that is better suited to their needs and requirements. Adding the Enhanced level of cover will help to reduce the cost for certain customers. For example, where previously a customer with a trip requiring £2,000 of cancellation cover would have had to purchase a Prime level policy with £5,000 cancellation cover, they will now be able to purchase an Enhanced level policy which provides £2,500 worth of cancellation cover. There are other cost reduction measures that we have brought in which will be detailed further below. For the full schedule of benefits regarding the Enhanced level of cover, please click here. Therefore, from July 1st, Voyager Plus will include 4 different policy levels.

New name for our highest level of cover – Supreme

The Supreme level of cover is new but only in terms of name. It was decided that the previous name for our top level of cover did not fit in line with our other levels of cover and as such has been renamed at this renewal. As such, going forward, the sums insured for the top level of cover on Voyager Plus will remain the same, but it will be referred to as Supreme. The 4 different Voyager Plus policy levels will now be: Standard, which includes £1,000 cancellation cover, Enhanced, which includes £2,500 cancellation cover, Prime, which includes £5,000 cancellation cover, and the newly renamed Supreme, which includes £10,000 cancellation cover.

Winter Sports and Cruise cover now options on Annual Multi-Trip Policies

Another area identified for reducing costs for certain customers is to no longer include Winter Sports and Cruise cover as standard on Annual Multi-Trip policies. This change brings our Annual Multi-Trip policies in line with our short stay policies. It was identified that not all annual multi-trip customers require both Winter Sports and Cruise cover and that by offering these areas as policy options instead, the cost for customers not requiring these cover options could be reduced. Equally, should customers still require these covers then they are still able to include one or both options with their policy and so are not left disadvantaged by the changes. These changes will bring down the overall cost of Voyager Plus policies and help to make our product more competitive for brokers. Similarly, this continues Voyager Insurance’s efforts to ensure customers are only paying for the cover they require and do not feel they are having to purchase a policy that does not truly meet their needs.

Changes to Cruise Cover

In a continued effort to ensure customers are only paying for the cover they require; Cruise cover is no longer standard on policies. Previously, Voyager Plus policies included Cruise cover automatically but also had a Cruise Plus policy option which provided additional cruise related cover. This would often lead to some confusion for customers going on cruises, in terms of the cover the policy provided. To avoid this going forwards, Cruise cover is no longer included as standard on Voyager Plus policies and will now only be available as a policy add on. Again, this will help to reduce the cost of Voyager Plus policies for those who are not going on a cruise, whilst also simplifying the process for those who are going on a cruise, so customers have a better understanding of the cover they are buying.

Removal of certain policy options

Another area identified after analysing the results of the broker survey was how brokers had often never used certain policy options or used them so infrequently that they were essentially not required. As such, the Holiday from Hell and Wedding cover policy options will no longer be available on Voyager Plus policies. By removing these options, it will help to streamline the purchasing process of Voyager Plus policies. Brokers will no longer need to go through these options for customers who based on previous figures and information were unlikely to purchase them regardless.

Reduction in rates

As the above paragraphs explain, each change has allowed us to facilitate a reduction in prices and as a result, the average Annual Multi-Trip policy will now be 10% cheaper, whilst the average Single Trip policy will now be 5% cheaper.

Changes in Excess

With the addition of a new level of cover, the excesses across all levels of cover are changing. It is important that you make your customers aware of this change especially if they are renewing their previous policy to ensure they know what this means for them. From July 1st, the excesses on Voyager Plus policies will be as follows; Standard – £150, Enhanced – £100, Prime – £75, and Supreme – £50.

Increase in amount earned per screening

Broker’s who are completing medical screenings in-house rather than referring customers to Voyager Healthcheck will now see an increase in the amount they receive for doing so. Previously, our brokers received £8 per medical screening they completed on policies purchased. From July 1st onwards, this amount will be increasing so that brokers receive £11 per screening completed on purchased policies. If you are a broker of ours and would like to add medical screening to your set up the please call us on 01483 562 662.


Overall, these changes will help to achieve Voyager Insurance’s aim of reducing the cost of Voyager Plus policies, thereby lessening the pressure on the cost of living for our customers, whilst simultaneously becoming more competitive for brokers. Equally, these changes have resulted in the Voyager Plus product being simplified so that customers know exactly what their policy includes and are only paying for the cover they require. Voyager Insurance Services hope that more customers will be able to find the right cover for them and their requirements with Voyager Plus.

This article is for information and entertainment purposes only. It does not constitute advice in any way. The information provided here is correct at the time of writing however please check the latest policy wording for the latest terms, conditions, and exclusions.