Customer Reviews Lead to Innovation

June 01, 2014


Award-winning customer service through listeningAt Voyager Insurance Services Ltd we operate a number of websites at which members of the public can buy our insurance policies quickly and easily.

While, in the past, we monitored the number of policies being purchased, we had little information about what our customers’ thought about the online purchase process, or their opinions on the customer service they received if they called the office.

In theory, once a customer has bought a policy, it should be easy for us to contact them in order to ask their opinions. However, contacting every customer by phone to request feedback would be quite time consuming and some customers may find this method of contact intrusive.  Plus, there is no guarantee we would be able to reach a customer during working hours.

What we needed was a low maintenance, regular way of requesting and managing customer reviews.  We found our solution when we started using Feefo in February 2013.

Feefo is a third party service that sends an email to customers’ after a purchase and records their optional feedback as anonymous public reviews. The feedback is collated and displayed on a dedicated product page so potential customers can view what other clients have thought about your service.

Feedback from our customers has been good; generally commending the level of service given by Voyager. While it is nice to know that customers are satisfied, the real benefit comes when a customer takes the time to go a little bit deeper and explain how things could be improved, helping us go that extra mile for our customers.

Voyager’s Solution:

A great example of this is where we reviewed the feedback for our Voyager European breakdown cover product; a customer mentioned that it would be helpful to include a card with the emergency assistance details within the policy confirmation emails we send.

Our printed travel insurance policy wordings have a push-out card on the back cover, so we considered adding something similar to our online policy documents, giving customers quick and easy access to the information they need in an emergency.

A quick investigation found that it would be quite easy to redesign the online documents to include a card shaped area and provide all the information that would be needed by a customer in an emergency, such as their policy number, scheme reference and the correct contact phone numbers.

Taking it further:

However, this got us thinking: Is there something we can do to go one step further and make it even easier for a customer to get in contact with the emergency assistance when they need to, using modern technology?

We thought that a good way for customers to have access to the emergency contact details would be to add a QR code to our policy emails that could be scanned and saved to their contacts on their smartphone. This way, as long as the customer has their phone with them, they should be able to contact the emergency assistance team.

We liked the idea of these changes to the Voyager European breakdown cover email confirmations so much that we rolled out a similar format to all our products that are available to buy online. We believe that monitoring and acting on the customer feedback generated by Feefo helped us maintain a 100% feedback rating throughout 2013, making us the only insurance company in the UK using Feefo to achieve this.