Introducing Terrorism Disruption Protection within Voyager Plus Travel Insurance

June 16, 2017


Guildford, UK, June 2017: We are pleased to announce we have added a unique cover option for “Enhanced Travel and Terrorism Disruption Protection” within our Voyager Plus Travel Insurance.

In the event of a terrorist attack it is highly likely that travel disruption will occur. Airports, train stations, ferry ports and roads can all get shut down even if they are not the direct target of an attack. If you are unfortunate enough to be caught up in this situation, it can not only be distressing but also very costly. If your flight is delayed or cancelled due to closure of your arrival or departure point following a terrorist incident you could end up still having to pay for accommodation which you are unable to use in your end destination, as well as any pre-booked travel, excursions, or courses which you will not be able to make.

Alternatively, you may be forced to pay for additional accommodation while you are waiting for transport links to re-open for your return to your home country. For travel which is booked independently from a tour operator you are likely to have to deal with, and pay for, these issues yourself, and in an already stressful situation you don’t want to be worrying about financial costs. This is where travel insurance that covers acts of terrorism causing disruption to your journey can help.

With the new Enhanced Travel or Terrorism Disruption Option on the Voyager Plus Travel Insurance policy, an insured can be covered in these situations.

Travel is often disrupted as a result of terrorist attacks

Travel is often disrupted as a result of terrorist attacks

Acts of terrorism around the world have left many travellers feeling uneasy about visiting certain locations. Research by Statista shows that worldwide in 2015 there was a total of 11,774 terrorist attacks, most of which affected high risk countries in the Middle East and North Africa, as reported by The Telegraph. Over the last few years however, there have also been several large, high profile terror attacks in perceived lower risk areas of Europe, including in France, Belgium, Germany, and most recently two here in the UK in a matter of weeks. Some of these attacks specifically targeted airports, Metro and transport services, resulting in closures, wide spread disruption, and substantial delays for travellers on top of the tragic human cost.

Terrorist attacks which don’t specifically target travel services also cause disruption to travel, as airspace and public transport services are often shut down to prevent further incidents, and can remain out of service for an extended period. Travellers are not only concerned about being caught in an attack but also the disruption and chaos that can ensue in the aftermath, resulting in a loss of time and money, so they are increasingly searching for travel insurance including terrorism cover.

Carl Carter, Managing Director, commented; “Research has shown that in these troubled times and following recent tragic events, over 51% of travellers now rate the risk of their holiday or travel plans being disrupted by an act of terrorism as the biggest single thing they are most concerned about”.

“Additionally many people don’t realise that mainstream travel insurance policies will not cover you against travel disruption caused by acts of terrorism, so this addition to the policy makes Voyager Plus Travel Insurance really stand out from the crowd” Says Carter. “We are one of the first companies to introduce such ‘real world’ cover, and we at Voyager Insurance think it is important that our brokers’ and intermediaries’ customers have the choice to get peace of mind protection and don’t have to worry about additional costs in these types of terrible circumstances”

Travel insurance including Terrorism Disruption cover, such as our Enhanced Travel or Terrorism Disruption Option, is ideal for those who like to book all the elements of their travel themselves, for example by buying flights, hotels and transfers separately on the internet, rather than booking through a tour operator.

This newly added cover against terror related travel disruption increases the cover already available in the popular Enhanced Travel Disruption Option. This unique option extends the reasons you can claim under the standard policy and now includes up to £5,000 Terrorism Disruption cover for cancellation, curtailment, travel delay, abandonment, missed departure or additional accommodation costs as a result as of an act of terrorism affecting any point of arrival or departure in a pre-booked itinerary or occurring within 40 miles of the booked accommodation within 31 days prior to departure or during the trip.

With this Option customers are also covered for up to £5,000 of additional accommodation costs due to abandonment if events such as volcanic ash cause the closure of airspace, or a change in the travel advice of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) to the country you are travelling to forces you to cancel or curtail.

Please Note:

Standard travel insurance usually excludes travel to a country or area where the FCO advises against ‘all but essential travel’ or ‘all travel’. But many people still need to travel to these areas on business or to visit friends and family. If you are choosing to travel to an area where the FCO advises ‘against all but essential travel’ or ‘all travel’, or is considered dangerous or challenging, then it is vital to make sure that you have suitable cover in place. For these circumstances we offer High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance; cover specially designed for those travelling to war zones, crisis zones, disaster relief zones, or any areas where the FCO (or equivalent in your country of residence) advises against all but essential travel.

To find out more about Voyager Plus Travel Insurance, the Enhanced Travel or Terrorism Disruption Option or our High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance, download the Policy Wordings, get a quote online or call our customer support team on 01483 562 662.