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August 2016: New! High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance

Voyager Insurance Services Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of its new and unique High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance product. High Risk Voyager has been specifically designed to offer Travel Insurance cover to individuals or groups travelling from the UK, EEA and overseas dependent territories on business or leisure to areas that are deemed to be high risk by Governments and would not be covered under a typical retail travel insurance policy, such as warzones, conflict and crisis zones, disaster relief and humanitarian aid areas for example.

In 2011 the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office recommended against ‘all but essential travel’ to 62 countries worldwide and many people make the dangerous and expensive mistake of assuming their health insurance plan or standard travel insurance would cover them in these challenging and higher risk locations abroad.

However, virtually all mainstream travel insurance products restrict cover if someone is travelling to a dangerous, remote and challenging location worldwide including war zones, crises and disaster relief zones against a traveller’s Home Country Government’s travel advice or if there is a travel advisory on or within 6 months of the date of their arrival. Without realising it, a traveller may be putting their health, financial well-being and even their life at risk.

High Risk Voyager Travel Insurance is available for Individuals and groups on business and work trips including journalism, media, humanitarian, aid, disaster and relief work, conservation, research, voluntary, missionary, religious work and charitable programmes including teaching, study and educational travel and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO).

Carl Carter, Deputy Managing Director of Voyager Insurance Services, stated ‘We are really excited to be able to offer such a ground breaking product to our clients. Currently, High Risk Voyager is the only online and easily accessible product available capable of offering such comprehensive travel covers for those travelling to these high risk areas offering a real solution to aid workers, journalists and other professions that travel to the world’s hot spots.’

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August 2016: New! GlobalVoyager Travel Insurance Designed Specifically for International and Expatriate Residents Worldwide

Voyager Insurance Services Ltd, a multi-award winning international provider of travel insurance, is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new and unique travel insurance product designed specifically for international and expatriate residents worldwide. With the world becoming a smaller place to travel or do business, especially online, brokers and Intermediaries often come across travel insurance requests from customers abroad, or who may not be eligible for their ‘standard’ travel insurance, or who have already travelled.

Their websites will often have up to 50% of visitors from overseas that is wasted traffic if they can’t offer a solution. GlobalVoyager is the world’s first flexible comprehensive ‘UK style’ international travel insurance solution available for individuals, families and groups of expats and international citizens travelling on leisure or business from virtually “anywhere to anywhere” and is available to residents of almost every country around the world.

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7 May 2016: Introducing Fresh Start Home Insurance

It is a little known fact that having a criminal conviction is likely to invalidate most mainstream home insurance policies, this not only applies to a homeowner with a criminal conviction but also if anyone living at the residence has a criminal conviction as well.

Sadly many people find this out the hard way by having a claim declined by their insurer; meaning 100,000s of households are financially exposed and the support is not there when people need it the most.

Voyager Insurance Services Ltd. has just included a facility on its WEBroker online broker platform, giving access to its ‘Fresh Start’ product to nearly 1,000 brokers, enabling them to request dedicated quotes for any of their clients who may be seeking Home Insurance with an unspent criminal conviction, quickly and easily.

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