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Why is finding an Employer Paid Group Business and Leisure Travel Insurance for my staff, so difficult?

Many companies operate business travel insurance plans for employees; however, these schemes are often cumbersome to arrange or administer. Similarly, smaller companies often find it difficult to arrange group travel insurance as many insurers don’t want to quote, let alone provide, travel insurance for small numbers of employees without asking a large number of questions first!

In addition to this, companies of all sizes may find that their current employee group travel insurance simply doesn’t provide the range of cover that they need in the current international climate, such as the option to add Terrorism Disruption Cover.

At Voyager Insurance we don’t think it should be that hard!

VoyagerProtect Employer Paid Worldwide Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance is a group travel insurance product from Voyager Insurance Services Ltd. designed to solve all these issues a company may find when wanting to arrange group travel insurance for employees***.

VoyagerProtect Travel Insurance Product Highlights:

  • Annual Multi-Trip Worldwide** Cover for business and leisure travel
  • No application forms – it’s quick and easy to get a quote, apply and administer
  • Available for employer paid groups from 2 to 500+ Employees
  • 3 Levels of cover to choose from – Essentials, Super and Enhanced
  • Annual Multi-Trip Cover for an Unlimited Number of Trips in a policy period of
    Up To 90 days (Essentials), 120 Days (Super) & 180 days (Enhanced) maximum duration per trip.
  • Cover for individuals and optionally available for their Families
  • Cover is included for a very wide range of benefits including those not usually found on Employee Benefit Travel Insurance
  • All insureds have access to the One Tap Emergency App for smartphones
  • Available for UK Companies with UK Employees (EEA Employees of UK companies by agreement) with cover and premiums available in GBP£
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VoyagerProtect – The Smarter Way of insuring Employee and Group Business & Leisure Travel

VoyagerProtect does not need companies to complete a lengthy proposal form or provide annual travel company patterns in order to get a quote for cover: our in-house team can quickly give you a quote based on the minimum amount of information. No need to have to wait for complex underwriting in order to get your quote!

Cover can be extended with the following add-on options:

  • Terrorism Disruption Cover
  • Winters Sports Cover
  • Hazardous Activities & Sports Cover

Once we have all the information we need, we will provide you with a quote within 48hrs or less. It’s quick and easy to arrange cover, if the company wants to proceed with the travel insurance cover an email and list of insureds is all we need. The company will receive a master certificate of insurance and each member of the group policy will receive a member certificate of insurance that will list any family members (if named on the certificate) cover. It’s that simple!
Click the links below for more information about the VoyagerProtect Travel Insurance and covers available:

VoyagerProtect NOW AVAILABLE with COVID-19 cover for Emergency Medical Expenses!

We are pleased to announce that VoyagerProtect from 01/01/2021 comes with cover for COVID-19 related medical expenses, as prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner, whilst travelling under Section B1. Medical and Emergency Travel Expenses up to a maximum sum insured, per person, per trip of £150,000 for those under 65 years old.

Please note: This cover is subject to a £250 excess deductible. COVID-19 Tests are excluded and there is no COVID-19 cover provided in your country of residence upon your return. There is no COVID-19 cover available for any other section of the policy. This cover only applies to policy quoted and on risk on or after the 01/01/2021, for policies quoted or on risk prior to this date, click here.

VoyagerProtect Policy Guide  VoyagerProtect Policy Wording Get a Quote

VoyagerProtect Contact Details:

VoyagerProtect Quote and Administration Line : +44 (0) 1483 806 822

Broker Support and General Enquiries                   : commercial@voyagerins.com


Product Sub-Notes :
*Please Note: For policies quoted from 16/03/2020 until 01/01/2021, insurers will include the following restrictions to the policy (these restrictions do not apply to policies on risk or quoted prior to the 16/03/2020, other than pre-trip cancellation coverage):
Epidemic means a sudden development and rapid spreading of a contagious disease in a region where it developed in a simply endemic state or within a previously unscathed community.
Pandemic means a form of an Epidemic that extends throughout an entire continent.
Coronavirus or COVID-19 means any of a group of RNA viruses that cause a variety of diseases in humans and other animals

  • an actual or likely Epidemic or Pandemic; or
  • the threat of an Epidemic or Pandemic: or
  • Coronavirus as defined or any mutation.

For Policies on risk or quoted prior to 16/03/2020
Please note: that from 16th March 2020 until otherwise notified, no cover will be given for travellers going to countries or areas within a country where the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against ‘all travel’ on the FCO website (or it’s equivalent in other EEA countries) or the US State Department has at alert Level 4 ‘Do Not Travel’ on the State Department website under ‘Travel Advisories’, due to COVID-19, as this outbreak is a ‘known event’.

** Worldwide cover includes the USA, but does not include cover for excluded territories, meaning:
Afghanistan, Columbia, Iran, Iraq, Mexico (other than the Cancun holiday area of Mexico) Nigeria, Mali, Pakistan, Philippines, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Libya, Venezuela or Yemen or any other destination, country or region where the appropriate authorities (such as the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice or similar authority of the Insured Person’s Country of Domicile) at the time the trip was booked was against all travel to such destination, country or region.

If you or your employee require travel to these destinations, other travel insurance products are available from Voyager Insurance that provide cover in these high risk locations.

*** We normally require 80% of all employees that are deemed eligible by the employer, based on their employee class, position or job function, to be enrolled into the group travel insurance plan.